Set in 870 acres of glorious rolling countryside and woodland in North Yorkshire, this charming country estate, first referred to in 1589, now primarily offers luxury holiday accommodation with our formal gardens and stunning views of the Valley known as the ‘Deep Dale’. On the estate there are also farms, real estate lets, and weddings coming soon!

History Of
The Hob Green Estate

Since 1589 The Hob Green Estate has been nestled in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. In 2020 when the world changed from what we knew… so did the estate! With a serious investment and renovation we are proud to open the first of many properties on the estate for you to stay, relax and enjoy. We would love to welcome you to Reynard House.


The earliest written record of a house at Hob Green is to a William Wray, a mercer, selling cloth in Ripon to the local gentry. A record of his trading exists in the form of a book kept by him and his son, also called William Wray.

1687 – 1948

The Reynards were yeoman farmers from nearby Scarrow, part of the parish of Ripley. So began a period of ownership for the Reynard family which lasted for 261 years. The Reynard family over the next two centuries built most of what now exists at Hob Green and laid out the gardens.

1948 – 1979

The Hutchinson family became the new owners of Hob Green in 1948. It was used as a family home until 1979.


Hob Green Hotel is opened by their son, Michael Hutchinson and was run for 30 years.


Following the closure of the hotel in 2012 part of the house has returned to being a family home and in 2021, Reynard House was created as a holiday let.


The Hob Green Estate re-brands itself into a luxury stays group, whilst retaining their rich history. The gardens have always been a passion of the family evolving from a working kitchen garden, ornamental borders and lawns to the more formal gardens of today. Recent years have seen the addition of the ‘Rug Garden’ and the remodelling of the ‘White Border’.

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