The Rug Garden

Why Rug Garden? Well it’s as simple as it sounds… a garden that was initially designed with the underlying structure based on the patterns of a rug.

Original Rug Garden Sketch by Heather Hutchinson (left)

 Heather Hutchinson, the architect of the Rug Garden, aspired to have a garden with a layer of design that would reflect her personal interest for Persian Fine Arts. Heather was also inspired by a visit to Herterton House, returning with a strong vision for her own garden. She was able to articulate her ideas with a 2D sketch plan which we have since worked up into a design.

At a glance, the plan may seem like a complex network of paths but the design is underpinned with a strong line of symmetry, linking a series of formal pools. The symmetrical theme continues as garden elements such as seats, troughs and clipped specimen evergreens are mirrored along its axis. Opposite ends of the garden are defined and protected with boldly shaped Yew hedges. For contrast we will juxtapose the common species of Yew with the golden form of Taxus baccata Aurea. Eventually we plan to clip these Yews into sculpted forms that will define the style of the garden and provide a classical background for the colours of the herbaceous planting.

In terms of planting design we want to steer away from the traditional approach to a herbaceous border. We plan to create an open expanse of perennials, with a network of gravel paths that take you into the heart of the planting beds. Rather than standing back and admiring from afar, the aim of the garden is to encourage you to “get in and amongst it”.

Written by Daniel Robinson


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